Going Smoke Free

Are you a restaurant or business owner or manager?  Do you know the benefits of making your business smoke-free?

Going smoke-free saves money and saves lives!

Why Go Smoke-Free?

  • Secondhand smoke is dangerous to the health of employees, but smoking may also cost businesses in other ways.  A smoking employee costs the employer at least $1,000 in total excess direct and indirect health care costs, compared with a similar nonsmoking employee.
  • Indirect costs include more employee absenteeism, decreased productivity on the job (smoke breaks), and increased early retirement due to ill health.
  • Smokers, on average, miss 6.16 days of work per year due to sickness, while nonsmokers only miss 3.86 days.
  • Smoke-free policies boost workers’ productivity and morale.
  • Insurance costs are often dramatically cut when a business goes smoke-free.  Many insurance companies offer big discounts in terms of health and property insurance for smoke-free companies.
  • Fire insurance alone is commonly reduced 25-30% in smoke-free businesses.
  • In terms of workers compensation, businesses pay an average of $2,189 for smokers compared to $176 for nonsmoking employees.
  • Smoking also costs companies greatly in terms of maintenance costs.  The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development estimates that construction and maintenance costs are 7% higher in buildings that allow smoking than in buildings that are smoke-free.

Steps to Make Your Workplace Smoke-Free

  • Assign a task force or point person to oversee the process
    Try to include management as well as workers; don’t forget to get input from smokers too!
  • Assess your company’s current smoking policies
    Does your company have a policy that needs to be updated, or do you need to start with a brand new policy?
  • Gather information
    Contact us for information about success stories, sample policies, timelines, cessation information, and much more!
  • Write the policy
    Keep the policy clear, simple and easy to enforce (Contact us for sample policies for many different types of businesses and restaurants)
  • Announce the policy
    Announce the policy well in advance of the start date.  Start with a letter outlining the policy and the reasons for the switch.  Have educational materials available for employees with questions.
  • Get ready for the start date
    Post “no smoking” signs in former smoking areas.  Remove all ashtrays and other smoking materials.  Consider holding a special event to celebrate your workers’ health and wellbeing.
  • Enforce and monitor the policy
    Take infractions seriously in order to let employees and customers know that your company is serious about eliminating smoking.  Review the policy after 6 months and make changes as necessary .

Employer’s Toolkit For Smokefree Workplaces & Tobacco Cessation Assistance

Complete Toolkit (PDF Format)

Tobacco Policy Models (Microsoft Word Format)

Policy Implementation Timeline (Microsoft Word Format)

Policy Implementation Checklist (Microsoft Word Format)

Countdown Poster (Microsoft Word Format)

Memo to Staff (Microsoft Word Format)

Posters (Microsoft Word Format)

Sign (Microsoft Word Format)

Need Help Making Your Restaurant or Business Smoke-Free? E-Mail Us!